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  Cultural Club "Svetlina"
Seliminovo, Bulgaria
Competition "With songs of Yovcho Karaivanov"

Sixth Competition - Nadpyavane "With songs of Yovcho Karaivanov"
April 25, 2009

Organizers of the competition:

Municipality of Sliven
Municipality Village Seliminovo
Cultural Club "Svetlina" Village Seliminovo

Project Description:

Regional Competition - nadpyavane With songs of Yovcho Karaivanov is devoted to the works of outstanding English artist and promoter of the Thracian song.

Aim of the competition-Nadpyavane:

Organizing and conducting this competition-nadpyavane aims to stimulate the reproduction of the Bulgarian folk song, to preserve and promote the heritage of vocal Yovcho Karaivanov individual performances by singers and vocal groups from the country. Last but not least, the organizers aim at detecting young talent - performers of the Thracian song.


The competition may attend individual performers laity without restrictions on age and gender and vocal group.

Participants are divided into three age groups:

Group I - up to 14 years
Group II - 14 - 20 years
Group III - over 20 years
Group IV - Song groups

Regulation of participation

Each participant performs two songs (fast and slow) with time to 5 minutes. One of them must be from the repertoire of Yovcho Karaivanov.

Vocal group perform two songs (fast and slow) with time to 8 minutes. By choosing one of them to be a repertoire of Yovcho Karaivanov.

Performances may be with or without the accompaniment of one or several folk instruments. Not allow playback of the accompaniment.

Possible to the performers dressed in traditional costume.


- I, II, III Award for various age groups
- I, II, III Award for vocal group
- Prize for best performance of the song from the repertoire of Yovcho Karaivanov
- Special prize of the mayoralty of the village Seliminovo
- All others are awarded a diploma for participation


Audition and the classification of participants is done by a competent jury. Classification is by age.

Accommodation and costs

Costs of accommodation, travel and meals are borne by the participants or the organizations representing them to participate.
Applications for participation in attached form be sent to no later than April 17, 2009.
The organizers reserve the right, pursuant to requests to make changes to the program down.
The right to video reproduction and distribution is only to organizers.

Phones for additional information:

Sliven Municipality
044 611222, 044 663186

Cultural Club "Svetlina" in the village Seliminovo
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